DSD Mission

Focus on emerging opportunities to drive growth, profitability and productivity for convenience stores through our direct delivery store program.

How our DSD program works?

Products are delivered directly to the store by our Route Sales Reps. As retailers become more advanced in store execution, DSD is uniquely positioned to power growth. Our DSD also plays a major role in store execution. It is an opportunity to standardize and improve execution at the shelf. Our representatives are in the stores multiple times a month merchandising products.

For retailers, our DSD program unleashes an unparalleled opportunity to drive growth, power innovation, and improve cash flow and the path to deliver a unique shopper experience. In the face of changing lifestyles and rising demands of today’s shopper, it is the most effective supply chain design to deliver what customers want at the shelf where it counts most. It also forms the basis of a true collaborative relationship between us and the retailers.


In today’s retail environment, with an increasing number of product choices and the inherent difficulty in managing store-specific assortments, our DSD program offers a unique opportunity for a retailer to power growth. This growth takes five forms:

  • Increase in volume at the store which translates to more sales
  • Improvement in margin on products sold
  • Acceleration in working capital
  • Improved trade effectiveness of promotional activities
  • Capabilities to better shape shopper experience to build shopper loyalty

In short, our DSD program drives an improved balance sheet for the retailer; and a better shopper experience for the customer.